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High purity Reagent/Conventional High purity Reagent
High purity Reagent/Electronic grade, MOS Reagent
High purity Reagent/photoresist
High purity Reagent/liquid crystal
Chromatograph Reagent/HPLC Solvent
Chromatograph Reagent/GC Reference

Chromatograph Reagent/Ion chromatography Reference standard
Chromatograph Reagent/GC Stationary phase
Chromatograph Reagent/GC packing material
Chromatograph Reagent/TLC Reagent
Reference Standard Reagent/Conventional Reference Standard Reagent
Reference Standard Reagent/Organic Analysis Reference Standard
Polarography Reagent
Environmental Analysis Reagent
Indicator, Developer, Dye
Biochemical reagent
Standard solution/standard solution for
light oil analysis

Standard solution/standard solution for titration
Standard solution/standard solution for
impuritys analysis

Standard solution/Standard solution for atomic
absorption spectroscopy

Standard solution/Mixed standard solution for
atomic absorption spectroscopy

Standard solution/Standard solution for Water

Standard solution/pH buffer
Standard solution/Stock solution (dry powder)
Standard solution/Test kit for boiler water

Ultra High purity reagent
Educational reagent
karl fischer reagent
conventionnal reagent
Rare earth and rare metal
Bulk reagent/Conventional Reagent
Bulk reagent/dye
Bulk reagent/Reference standard reagent
Indicator, Developer, Dye ---
sort Name Purity Unit package
 -  calcon  AR  25g
 -  Sodium diethyldithiocarbamate trihydrate  AR  25g
 -  a-benzoin oxime  AR  25g
 -  Diethyl dithiocarbamic acid silver salt  AR  5g
 -  Silver Reagent  AR  25g
 -  Thorin  AR  1g
 -  Diphenylamine-2,2-dicarboxylic acid  AR  10g
 -  Dimethylglyoxime  AR  10g
 -  Manganese Reagent  AR  10g
 -  Tetraphenylarsonium chloride  AR  10g
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