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High purity Reagent/Conventional High purity Reagent
High purity Reagent/Electronic grade, MOS Reagent
High purity Reagent/photoresist
High purity Reagent/liquid crystal
Chromatograph Reagent/HPLC Solvent
Chromatograph Reagent/GC Reference

Chromatograph Reagent/Ion chromatography Reference standard
Chromatograph Reagent/GC Stationary phase
Chromatograph Reagent/GC packing material
Chromatograph Reagent/TLC Reagent
Reference Standard Reagent/Conventional Reference Standard Reagent
Reference Standard Reagent/Organic Analysis Reference Standard
Polarography Reagent
Environmental Analysis Reagent
Indicator, Developer, Dye
Biochemical reagent
Standard solution/standard solution for
light oil analysis

Standard solution/standard solution for titration
Standard solution/standard solution for
impuritys analysis

Standard solution/Standard solution for atomic
absorption spectroscopy

Standard solution/Mixed standard solution for
atomic absorption spectroscopy

Standard solution/Standard solution for Water

Standard solution/pH buffer
Standard solution/Stock solution (dry powder)
Standard solution/Test kit for boiler water

Ultra High purity reagent
Educational reagent
karl fischer reagent
conventionnal reagent
Rare earth and rare metal
Bulk reagent/Conventional Reagent
Bulk reagent/dye
Bulk reagent/Reference standard reagent
conventionnal reagent ---
sort Name Purity Unit package
 silver  silver bromide  AR  100g
 silver  silver oxide  AR  100g
 potassium  potassium chloride  AR  500g
 potassium  potassium chlorate  AR  500g
 potassium  potassium chloroplatinate  AR  1g
 potassium  potassium carbonate, anhydrous  AR  500g
 potassium  potassium carbonate  AR  500g
 potassium  potassium bicarbonate  AR  500g
 potassium  potassium sulfide  CP  250g
 potassium  potassium sulfate  AR  500g
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